There are words you never wanna hear, words that you can’t bear, words that break your heart into numerous fine pieces, words that captivate your mind and soul, words that tear you apart. But these words are sure to come and ironically from a person you love the most. To destruct you, to damage you, to stab you so hard that even your soul starts to bleed. So that the feeble you dies inside and a new person takes birth in you. The person you weren’t meant to become, strong & powerful.


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An ancient soul...


  1. Praveen
    September 7, 2017

    Dear Author,
    I find your thoughts in words about “words” brief yet straight to the point and will definitely bring one’s own experience back to their memory.
    But I wonder, why do you think one is not meant to be “strong and powerful”?. I don’t see anything bad in becoming strong and powerful.
    But what you weren’t supposed to become is a Monster with heart full of hatred because of the very words. Kindly share your thoughts.


    • September 9, 2017

      I truly appreciate your response to my article Praveen. But I guess you’ve perceived the entire thing differently. Becoming strong and powerful isn’t a bad thing at all. Infact this strength is the driving force that keeps us going inspite of all the obstacles in life. But do you know how we grow strong? We tend to recognize our real strength when we get to hear words that breaks us inside, we get shattered and still stand up brave just the next moment to deal with every such thing again.. Growing strong is a beautiful thing but the journey of growing strong my friend,is probably the roughest journey. This is what I’ve described in my article… Hope you’ve understood my perception now…

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