When Moon Knows


It knows what I don’t tell you, because my tongue seems tied and I lower my eyes.

Often in our chatters, I mention a redundant thought to it. “You know its very breeze today.”

Moon says, “You deserve its soothing effect, after the day you had.”

“You can hover over anyone on this side of the planet, why do you choose me to talk?”

“You were the one who worked the hardest today and still open for a chat.”

The wink makes me blush and my feelings most fervent, but then I remember ydays’ absence.

“One day, you are fat and full and next day nowhere to be found. How do I cope up with this wax and wane?”

“Dear don’t try to capture me like tried before by those fools. This is only my fate. I come to you when I am needed most.” It explained.

“You are a magical creation, why don’t you transform yourself and sit with me for a while.”

“Oh, that won’t be fun and will be the same as all our conversation. I have an idea better, go rest now and I will meet you tomorrow in disguise.”

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