Wars Within The Soul


Still confused, not knowing
Whether my soul can bear!
Several questions which arise here;
Questions oh! More worse than wars
And the soldier alone I am,
Standing so far…
Dual mind every time
Dilemma for what’s wrong and right.
Sometimes mirthful, still killing the inner pain
Whether the trail I walk on is of truth, I doubt
I wish that I may proceed my life in zest
But I know these wars oh! Wars will never end
Then what’s the solution, what should I do?

Just accept this chaos or there is something yet to prove

Prove? Prove my existence or prove my worth.
Yet the soldier standing alone I am
Fearing I might get drowned
But I have the strength within
Sure I will withstand on toes
My deeds would be an answer to those
Prevailing wars might nearing an end
Still there is this new war trend
Challenging me
“Either fight else bend”

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