The Yellow Cup


And the day came to an end. The special day every child use to wait for eagerly. The day dedicated to every child of this universe, “Children’s day”. But then this little girl did not look happy. She was disturbed. It reflected in every single texture of her face.

Only Ruhi knew what she had done. It was not less than a crime for her then.

She had been convincing her parents for the past one week that she wanted to take the yellow cup-plate set to school on the occasion of Children’s day. All the pupils have been told to carry their own dishes and would be served tea and snacks on that day. Her mom had warned her many times about that cup being brittle and she could take one of the plastic cups. But Ruhi had always wanted her cup and plate to be the best out of what all her friends would bring. Somehow, she managed to convince her mom about the same and was allowed to carry the yellow cup-plate set to school.

Little did Ruhi know that she was inviting trouble. She enjoyed the functions in school very happily watching all her teachers dancing and singing. But at the back of her head, she was eagerly waiting for tea-time. She wanted to show her cup and plate to all her friends. So after about two hours, it was finally tea time. Ruhi sat in her seat inside the classroom and took out her cup and plate. She was beaming with joy as all her friends came to her table to check out her cup and plate.

In the midst of all excitement, suddenly the cup slipped off the desk and rolled on the floor. Ruhi could not believe what had just happened. Her mother’s angry face and her dad’s long stick revolved around her eyes. She was gasping for words when her teacher ordered the schoolboy to clean the mess. She was in tears as she watched the schoolboy collecting the broken pieces of her yellow cup and disposing it in the dustbin.

Ruhi started wondering how would she face her parents. What would she reply to her mom when she would be asked to keep the cup and plate for washing? She walked home sadly kicking the pebbles on the road. She prepared herself mentally for all the scolding and thrashing.

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