The Highway Man – J. Alchem


A good read. It is worth sparing an hour of your busy schedule.

The author came up with a plain and simple work which has a mixture of emotions like love, joy, sadness, loneliness, pain, and sorrow.

Basically, the book has three short stories, each having its own expression and emotion.

In Catherine, the story revolves around a well-known author who is in love. His story is a bit unusual and that concerns his father. The doctor consulted was a fan of authors work and prescribes a cure for his illness that goes off well but didn’t last long. The result of the treatment is something one won’t expect.

The second story is about a couple Sidzy and Rihan and their passionate love. The story is depicted on the timeline of events that take place on Women’s Day. Rihan takes up a role of his wife Sidzy and plans to dedicate the whole day to his wife doing things that Sidzy does as her daily work.

The third story is about the relationship between father and his 7-year-old son. It portrays awkwardness and pain the duo goes through after the death of 7 years old’s mother and how a highwayman brought a change in their life and relationship.

The way in which the author has dealt with different emotions and has presented them is quite interesting and worth reading.

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