The Cloud’s Message


It’s evening time and is almost dark. Also getting rainy little bit. Just looking towards clouds up in the sky, it feels that what a great message they want to give to the world but it is very difficult for people in this “Fake World” to understand and accept it simply.

The clouds are moving every now and then, from one place to other freely in the sky without any boundaries.

It’s almost like a replica of those who are moving forward with their lives for their existence and for their own identity in this fake-cum-real world.

If the clouds stay at one position then we always get an indication of low light, sometimes dark.
Similarly, when the peoples are into some uneven conditions and are stuck in the past, then they would never see and realize the light of hope which is not too far away from them. They make this situation more dramatic and stickier than before.

The other important aspect of cloud is that when its color is completely dark and it’s full of droplets, at this time it resembles human beings who were full of bad thoughts, misconceptions and lots of tension carrying into their minds.

Finally, clouds share all it contains with us and reveals all its secret to the whole world. After this, it becomes weightless and again starts moving freely in the sky. Then why people keep burning with unnecessary tension and chose to be stuck in the old memories. Learn from clouds and let go of all those who stop you from moving on and being self-dependent for the ultimate prize of happiness.

If you think that you are alone or bound to be with someone then it’s your misconception. The whole world is here just for you even though they might not be aware.

Every situation leads you to something better but it’s your thoughts that mislead you sometimes. So at such times, simply look up once and watch the sky, your feet will automatically starts moving. Moving happily into the future which is much better than your crushing past.


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