The Buddha Moment


For me, Buddha is not someone who got enlightened by just meditating under the Bodhi tree. Buddha was someone who traveled, observed, experimented and learned the purpose of life and thus remained happy forever. If we are happy and young we can provide our whole positive energy out to the world till death.

I must say, we should not follow Buddha! Wait. What I mean is, the source of happiness is different for different people. The source of happiness found by Buddha may not be the source of happiness for us. Like I said, it requires observation, experimentation and hard work to find and reach the source of happiness.

Buddha was born as a King but was destined to be a teacher. It’s not our birth which determines the destiny and happiness or even what we do in our lives. It neither hinders our consciousness to struggle and strive for the ultimate bliss.

Buddha is not only a person who achieved something. A person who has the mindset to become no one and is working out to achieve nothing is also Buddha.

I have seen Buddha in many people. In my school, college, village, office everywhere we can find at least one person who has awaken his Buddha in him. Once you are a Buddha, there is no looking back. It’s like a wine. It invokes an addiction in people. We start enjoying every bit of life and find pleasure in working towards your ultimate happiness called success. Most of the people mentioned above are on their way.

There will always be a “Buddha Moment” in everyone’s life. Those who don’t care about themselves don’t notice that. But for those who spend time on themselves will definitely find that moment.

Finding Buddha in our self is so simple when we get to know yourself. But for most of the people, I have seen an incident that awakens their Buddha inside.

Let me tell you a story about Rahul. We were studying in the same college but he was from another branch and so I didn’t get much opportunity to get acquainted with him. But I always observed him especially the way his face glowed when he spoke to others and he was always happy. He was very consistent in his academics in college and always held top rank in the university in every semester. Whereas for me, college was horrible.

Once I forgot my drafter and had to borrow his drafter for that day.

Where did you get this?” My friend Sangeet asked me when I got back to the class.

From Rahul, the guy with red specs from other class”, I said

Oh, Rahul. He was my schoolmate” He said.

Really, he is very studious and calm right?”

Yeah…But he was very different in school. You know I got 90% in my higher secondary and he scored less than 80%. Now see the difference. I cannot even score 7 GPA but he is a rank holder.” Sangeeth continued.“We used to have Paripuvada occasionally from a small tea shop near the bus stop. It was that time when our series exam results were announced. He paid for Paripuvada that day. He is big miser, but used to give a treat whenever he got good marks.”

Ha, you can smile. You always score marks and I fail every time. How are you able to do so man” I asked Rahul.

Rahul told me, “Brother I am also like you. I’m sure your IQ is higher than me. I don’t have any ambition or dream that I should become this and that. But you know, what I do to score marks?”

Yes, do tell”

Before preparing for any exam, I visualize the smile of my Mother kissing my forehead in delight when I get good marks. That smile always inspires me to learn and achieve just to witness that smile again.”

So that was the story of Rahul narrated by my friend Sangeeth. It kept me thinking, will such a purpose change a person’s mindset so wonderfully?

And you know what? Rahul’s father had died just two weeks before he joined the college” Sangeeth suddenly woke me up from my thoughts.

He doesn’t want his mother to go into depression. He wants to make her realize that her world is still intact, in him.”

His father’s death was the moment where Buddha in him was awakened.

Let me tell you, it need not be a tragic incident for a Buddha moment. It may be a word or sight or just a random thought which creates a tiny but deep impact on our heart that can awaken our inner self. We find our purpose at that moment.

Like Rahul wants to make his mom happy, if you find the purpose for your existential mystery, you will definitely be happy and contented because you are on your way to success.

Let me convey a phrase from a famous book by Robin Sharma “Purpose of life is a life of purpose”.

So let’s find our purpose and lead our life with contentedness. I’m trying to find mine.

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