Team CWS

Farheen Akhter
An intelligent girl who isn't really a fan of the limelight.
Saket Suman
Author/Article Team
An engineer by occupation and a traveler by heart, I also like to dabble in writing the occasional article. I am also a newbie in the world of books, finding my way. What I write here are simply excerpts from my curious mind.
Nitisha Bansal

An Engineer by profession and friendly by nature, exploring new adventures, mingling with new people and exposure to public are my kind of favorites. It feels amazing when thousands of thoughts and imagination strike in your mind and you give a new meaning to the world. 

I get lost in my thoughts and then jot down whatever little I can gather from those magical moments.
Priyanka Mukherjee
Author/Poem Team
Madly in love with imagination.
Author/Story Team
“Server Administrator” by profession and "Scribbler" by choice, he has his own world of imagination, converting reality to fiction and fiction to reality is something which he is used to. Every story he writes has a part of him in it.
Media Wizard
Hi, I am Pronu and I make videos ~ youtuber, video creator
Sampurna Dhar
A fanciful author by nature, she is capable of switching from the friendliest of smiles to the iciest of glares in a heartbeat if you commit a faux pas in English.
Suryakant Sahoo
A curious mind with a license in being a jack of all trades, he spends his time doing everything that catches his fancy- whether it be sketching, or taking pictures, or bringing stunning websites to life.
Samit Singh
I am a motivational blogger, a traveler and a trekker exploring new adventures along with incredible natural places. I do like to share my views and experiences about my adventures.
Pushpanjali Roy
Author/Epigram Team
Another small town girl trying to find her way in a big city. The pace of life here shrinks the world around me at times but then words help me build a nice and cozy imaginary world where everything is perfect. Mostly, I try to stay in there.
Keshav Jha
Author/Story Team
Lucky enough to have been roving around since childhood. Visiting new places and meeting new people has been my kind of favorite. It's amazing how words written simply can talk so loud. This thrill of writing got to my nerves and then CWS paved the way further.