Serenity and tranquility in “BLACK”
She entails it all the more elegantly
The obverse “WHITE” suffices her no lesser
Typifying a pure and innocent persona

Pigments of “RED” elucidates her strength
She bleeds for a week, not to mention those cramps
Besprinkling happiness and joy every other day
“YELLOW” looks all the more alluring on her

Luxury and dignity she does covet for
As much as the royal “PURPLE” dignifies
Often you’ll find her colored up with embarrassment
Her cheeks go “PINK”, making her look even brighter

Passionate as the obstinate “ORANGE”
Whimsically she acts first, thinks later
Adorning herself in “GREEN”, she negotiates
Creating harmony with her kith and kin

Friendship, companionship or the family bonds
She cultivates it all just like the midnight “BLUE”
A little obsessed she is over her assets
Indeed similar to the subjective “BROWN”

The best part is yet to be deciphered
She can be entirety at a stint
Flickering all those radiants
From being a girl to a lady


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