Bruises, scratches and cut marks covered all her body. She is lying across the street drenched in rain with blood flowing from all parts. Her big long skirt is torn to half. It seems like an act of Asmodeus (king of nine hells). A heinous crime is committed in the country capital. People gather around, feeling helpless. No sign of life is visible, she is dead silent. Someone from the crowd calls for an ambulance while police step in and take over the situation. The crowd is being forcibly dispersed while the media starts the investigation. My brain is not willing to accept what it just saw.

Next day, newspapers are filled with articles on the incident with all sorts of investigation with every small description. It is so explanatory that any reader will get goosebumps.

“Neeta was a medical student from Kerala. She was in Delhi for internship and was staying with her aunt, uncle and two cousin sisters in Laxminagar. Her parents lived in Kerala. Neeta’s college was only a few kilometers from her house so generally, she used to walk or take auto rickshaw when it rained. She was following her same daily routine last evening, unaware of the fact that it would be dreadful for her. After completing her shift at 6 in the evening she took a sharing auto. 

They were only two people in the auto including Neeta and still the auto-rickshaw left because the driver was in a rush. He was driving rashly and it scared Neeta a bit. She asked him to lower the speed but he didn’t respond. Her co-passenger tried a couple of times but didn’t get a response. The auto driver was on alcohol. At last, she pulled his shirt’s collar and warned him to slow down. He was intimidated and slowed down. The co-passenger didn’t have his destination much far as he got down at the next signal. Neeta became conscious about drivers activity and hence made him take routes which had a high density of people. Due to heavy rain in the city lately, there was congestion and traffic on the road but the driver followed her instructions. 

The driver spotted a potential passenger in the dark waving hand so he stopped to check. The guy was tall and healthy. and had a well-built physique. He too was heavily drunk but the driver ignored the fact. He couldn’t say no to a passenger.

Neeta was also ignorant about this drunkard. She felt comfortable and secured as the guy appeared to be well educated and with a good family background. The dressing of the guy said a lot of him. The journey was going well. Neeta felt confident about having a co-passenger. The drunkard was on phone, speaking to someone. She didn’t pay attention as she herself was busy on phone.

Things were going great until now. She noticed that his tone and language both were deteriorating which didn’t seem a good sign to her. She saw that he was staring at her while describing her dress and posture to the person on the other side of the phone. She felt insecure. She was taken aback by his behavior. She felt more uncomfortable when the drunkard tried to get cozy with her. Neeta revolted and pushed him out but was overpowered. The rickshaw came to halt. 

Neeta threatened the drunkard and the drive backed her. The drunkard pushed the driver back. They got into a fight. The driver hit the drunkard who was too big to stumble. He punched him in the face. He kicked him in the stomach and got back a surprise punch on his own face. Neeta hit him by her purse. She applied all her strength in defense but was too weak to make a difference. Both of them attacked the drunkard. In return, the driver was smashed with a big blow to his stomach. He fell instantly with drops of blood coming from his mouth. The drunkard kicked the driver in the stomach with his hard woodland shoe. The driver was beaten until he fell unconscious. Neeta was shocked, she looked for something. She got in the hold of a small but thick wooden log. The drunkard got a hard hit on the head. He went blank for a second, Neeta felt relieved. She went for another blow with more power but this time it missed. The drunkard had it. He held Neeta’s hand and slapped her. He caught her hair and dragged her. He dragged her into the woods. He pinned her down on the floor. She was raped. She was brutally beaten and raped.

The drunkard was inhuman. Even the animals don’t attack their prey with such brutality. 

He had his deed done. He left her on the roadside and threw the body of the driver in the woods, assuming he is dead. He left them behind and went his way into the darkness.

Neeta couldn’t survive the accident and died of shock as per the autopsy report. The auto-rickshaw driver is out of danger and is responding to doctors. He is however booked for drunk driving and police is waiting for him to be discharged.” As reported by our sources.

My brain is not able to process what I just read. The article has things that are not supposed to be there. No human being can be a such a psycho. The girl whom I saw a few days back had gone through so much.

The incident has taken the city by nerves and people have become furious now. Protest and candle march is going all over the city. Colleges and schools are shut while the students are on road in demand of justice. The city has witnessed a horrendous crime. The government is under pressure and so is the police. An investigation team is set up to probe the incident and catch the culprit. All CCTV camera footages are being checked to get hold of a single person who has somehow disappeared into thin air.

Its been a week today and things are starting to settle down. The culprit is still on the run while schools and colleges are reopening. No more protest nor any more candle march in the city. Police have been conducting raids at all possible locations. News channels have already concluded their investigations with the decision of capital punishment for the culprit. The city is in peace. 

Life in the country capital is back to normal until another dreadful incident tears it again. People will again be back on the streets when someone else among them becomes a victim. Until then the city will sleep, the country will sleep but won’t educate themselves. People won’t break the taboo and educate children. Schools will never have class on sex education and children won’t learn until they find out on there own. Though sometimes it’s beyond culture and not against it.


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