She can bleed every month silently,
And you think she is delicate.
She can mend her broken heart just by eating ice cream,
And you think that she is weak.
She can ignore the world for you,
And you think that she is fake.
She can love you with everything she has,
And you called her mean.
She loves to mend her hair differently and love herself uniquely,
And you thought that she needs your love.
She is a package of fun herself,
And you think she wants your money to have fun.
She can be the one who made her,
And you think that you gave her identity.
She finds solace in loneliness,
And you just think she wants your attention.
She can fight with her pain even without asking,
And you thought she wants you to protect her.
She is WOW,
But still wants you for you.
God has created her to create you.

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