Sense of Celebration


I’m proud of being an Indian. I’m proud of its intrinsic culture, values, traditions, etc.
But there are some questions, I’m seeking answers for.

So we are going to celebrate 71 years of independence. 71 years of victory, glory, honor, recognition and many other things. But how much independent we’ve become after these so many years of independence?
No. It’s not about a particular gender, caste, society, or religion. Every word I’m putting here is in general for everyone.
I just wanted to be sure about “what actually we are going to celebrate?”
“Earlier, we were being ruled by the British presidencies and provinces. Now we are being ruled by our own country people. Not much difference I guess.”
So are we going to celebrate this? Or we’re going to celebrate the social inequality?

Why don’t we think of celebrating ‘a change’?
No. I’m not talking about ‘putting a black display picture on social networking sites’, ‘a candlelight vigil’, ‘a protest’, or ‘a Bharat Band'(because this is what we’re doing nowadays for the sake of bringing a change.)

‘A real freedom’, ‘a fearlessness’, ‘an equality ‘, aren’t these changes worth celebrating? Can’t we altogether bring the change and then celebrate ‘स्वतंत्रता दिवस’ in a better way with the real meaning of being ‘स्वतंत्र’?

P.S. – Please don’t question my patriotism.

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