Seminar and Symposium – A reflective tale in hindsight


We come across very few people on a daily basis who have achieved what they dreamt of. Putting a number to it in this of billion population would be extremely different. We read about Elon Musk successfully handling seven different ventures in parallel. We watch videos of Sundar Pichai’s lavish life and share inspirational quotes of Dr. Kalam. The story of their struggle and persistent girth is what we are deprived of.

With this aim, we bring to you story of a man among us, his combat with life and his taste of success.  Manish Mehra is a great Trainer, Mentor and Entrepreneur.

Let us first have look at the learnings he had till now from his amazing journey


  1. Always believe in yourself, people are there to let you down on your path to success.
  2. Consistency – It is a must. Keep the same enthusiasm with which you started a new business, your entire life; post your Success as well.
  3. Co-Founder – Definitely you would need a team to move ahead with your start up.
  •  Sometimes it happens that we feel that our co-founder is so enthusiastic, be careful with this feeling, you need to check HOW and WHY is your cofounder enthusiastic about your start -up.
  • Will he/she be ready to accept failure??
  • Is your Co-Founder involved in multiple earning sources?
  • Don’t just depend on the co-founder, you need to lead it as you are the one who’s soul behind the Idea.
  • Don’t expect much from you co-founder, lead from the front.
    1. Do a ground level research before launching any start-up by yourself, don’t just depend on others to do this for you.
    2. Open to take suggestions, don’t hesitate to share your Ideas. And at the end decision will be yours.
    3. Startup is roller coaster ride, this will not let you sleep until you achieve your Goal. If you leave it in between still it will not let you sleep; so it’s better to keep holding the nerve and achieve it…this is what I believe.


Along with working in IT industry since past 11 years, he has been conducting Seminars and workshops in schools and colleges on various topics which current education system is lacking and one of them is a very genuine topic of  “Stage Fear and Public Speaking” and how one can overcome the dread.

And the surprising fact is Manish himself had a great stage fear as a student but he overcame it. He gave the Stage Fear seminar in his office as well which was highly appreciated. This was the moment of serendipity and it became the game changer for him and going forward he started taking seminars along with his job.

Entrepreneur journey – First Strike was the first website cum company that Manish came up with two other members Ved and Arjun. They planned to give seminars and workshops in engineering colleges on the topics which would affiliate the students with the industry they going to end up in. Ved was working after his MBA from FMS, Arjun was then HOD in an engineering college and Manish an IT Consultant.

They had no initial planning and hence went door to door knocking at college gates pitching their idea to conduct the training. Traveling from the home state of Madhya Pradesh to Rajasthan in search of colleges didn’t prove worth for business but it was worth an experience. The response they got was not in their favor. Ved on realizing that not much revenue could be expected out of this plan, parted ways. But Manish and Arjun trusted their plan and believed in its long-term benefit. Ved’s desertion left Manish and Arjun fuddled and they took a few-month break.

Stand Out and Stand Alone – The Second Shot

Since they were back to square one, they decided on a more significant course. Arjun came up with an idea to build a search engine and when he mentioned this idea to Manish, he was not confident about it. The search engine initially would be for numerous colleges present and later would be including more. Manish wanted to stick to the idea of training and seminars but he did not want to push off Arjun so he agreed and went ahead with it.

They registered a new domain- and hired a college student to make the website for them due to the budget crunch. Manish now considers this as their biggest lapse. The site which was to be completed in 2-3 months took 8 months and even then training part that Manish had thought was not even added. Once the site was ready Manish and Arjun again reached out to Ved with their new idea. Ved agreed to be a part and worked with them for just a month and left again. This annoyed Manish and Arjun and their resentment led them to decide that they would continue this on their own. Much to their despair while the functional testing of the website, Arjun was not able to put in much effort. Meanwhile, he had quit his job as HOD and had started a business involving import-export. Manish got too despondent seeing that things were stagnant. Finally, he asked Arjun to give up waytocampus as he could give much effort to it. 

The Individual Drive

Before we go further, we need to know about the One Seminar that he believes has changed his entire life.

Manish was not able to get away from giving a seminar in his last year of engineering degree, he somehow convinced his teacher to allow him to give a seminar on a non-technical topic. He chose a topic which, he was most afraid of. He found another student who was equally afraid of speaking in front of people. Both of them worked for straight seven days, finding books on public speaking and overcoming the fear. After long and hard research they were ready for the seminar. When they presented it to the faculty and classmates, the seminar became a huge success and they got full marks. Manish’s strongest trepidation became his strongest skill set.

There was no stopping for Manish after this, he was easily able to convince the colleges for his training programs, Manish realized that he had underestimated himself and created dependency on others to pitch in his ideas into the market. He used to give one slide presentation about his whole objective which impressed the Academic Deans/Directors. His was succeeding in his spiel.

But by mid of 2016, he felt that the business had become stagnant and wanted to expand more. Once during a discussion with the dean of one of the colleges, Manish mentioned his worry. The dean was a retired army officer and he asked Manish to think about the students who were not taking admission in engineering colleges and where they were going. There was a wide stretch of students who were not approached by Manish. This thought remained in Manish’s mind. The students were for going for other courses while Manish limited himself only to Engineering students.

He is now exploring new Ideas and fields and has added a team of young college graduates in his entrepreneurial journey.

Manish’s Message on Education Sector:

Only quality and result would make you successful in this training business. It will take a couple of years to get settled in this field. You cannot stick to the training programs which are available in current scenario (2018). It would need extensive research and out of box thinking. It’s very vast field and highly competitive one, still you can make your way to success as, don’t forget you have lots and lots of students available across all the fields from school to college.

 Once you are an entrepreneur, you will die as an entrepreneur!

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  1. Nishtha Tiwari
    May 15, 2018

    Inspiring story ??

  2. Ankesh
    May 22, 2018

    Really inspired.Well done Manish.Keep going with the enthusiasm.Best wishes..

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