Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert T. Kiyosaki


A well rated 4 star book !!

If you are willing to gain some financial knowledge, then this would be one of the books I recommend to start with. It gives you a basic idea of how to analyze the financial status of oneself, and improvise accordingly. Income and expense are the two rulers of the same kingdom, wherein expense usually dominates and rules over. This book will help you introduce “investment” as a new ruler that will get along with the former two.

The protagonist begins the story from his early life, and introduces his two dads, rich and poor. His poor dad follows the ideology of formal education which helps you in landing up with a good job and secured life. While his rich dad believes that school education is not sufficient enough, because at school you don’t get adequate knowledge of how to handle your finance. He takes into account the type of education we get in school, from family, society etc and why is it necessary to rethink the way we think. Later in the stage, author explains the six lessons that his rich dad had taught him that might change your perspective about things.
The book has received mixed reviews from people as some believed that higher education is not worthwhile and one should get out of the stable job if you want to win is what the author implies. While I think,if the author had given more simplified explanations with illustrations then that would have helped the reader much more. Well, Kiyosaki has more books if you are interested in getting more about the topic.

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