Isn’t it possible for us to forget the rest
And do what makes us feel best?
Isn’t it possible not to think about past present or future
And leave our hearts open instead of mouths.
Isn’t it possible to not to feel guilty
And talk about love and being filthy?
Isn’t it possible to make love till morning
And wake up like nothing happened?
What if I assure you to keep on going with the flow.
What if I ask you to just stay and grab me tightly and let the world blow.
What if all I crave for is what I never got in my life.
What if all I want is love and don’t want to be your wife.
What if I want you to make me feel like the luckiest person alive.
Or just make me feel that I am still alive. What if you confuse about love and passion.
All I want you to have a connection with me. What if we both carry the same stars.
What if we bring the sun and the moon together.
What if the love we make would burn the whole world.
What if the kiss you plant would bring the thunder.
What if the waist you grab would bring the clouds down.
What if your touch would let the stars fall.
Tell me honey, is it possible for you to fall in love tonight and wake up alone the other day?

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