26th June 2017,

It was on this day 20 yrs ago that you came into this world but at that time I was really small to have known about you… and it was 14 yrs ago when I first met you.

It wasn’t love at first sight but rather love in first read that I almost instantly fell for you.. I have saved my pocket money for months to buy the next book.. I have been scolded for giving too much of time to you but still I could just never give up on you.. in fact I did something different cause I made my whole family fall in love with you.. I told your stories as if they were mine..

I have been crazy for Harry Potter for I cried for week when I found that Dumbledore has died and cursed Snape a whole year till I came to know his true nature and then I cried even more.. I was too excited for the last book that I got the first print of the book but at the same time I was too scared to read it because that would mean the end of an era and nothing to look forward too… but even after your story ended I never fell out of love with you and I have been in a journey with you ever since the day we met.. rereading those pages, going back and through.. all these years I have proudly called myself a Potterhead and a Potterfan.

But it is as of irony that today when you are 20 yrs old I realize that my love for you has attached me to you so much that 8 yrs ago it was the very next day of your birthday that changed my life and now I can see a lot of resemblance between us.. only that this time it is a girl who lived with a scar on her forehead..

It is a bit less magical though and I don’t have to fight with the one who cannot be named but I have my own struggles…

Alas, I don’t know what my story will be 19 yrs later but I just wish that like you after 19 yrs I will finally touch my scar, look back and say that “All was well”.

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