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June 23, 2017 / / Book Review
June 21, 2017 / / Story

“Rinu..” The cry vaguely entered the ears of the blank-stared girl sitting in front of her laptop.

“Rinuuu…” The voice definitely shouted this time, effectively managing to break the rhythm of the fantastic daydream playing in Rinu a.k.a. Niharika’s mind.

June 21, 2017 / / Article
Ayodhya, also known as Saket, is an ancient city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Rama, seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu. Ayodhya has been a sacred place for Hindus since centuries.
June 21, 2017 / / Book Review
June 21, 2017 / / Book Review

In terms of the writing style, I would say the translation of book to English could have been better and more presentable. Its pretty evident from the content that the Hindi version would have had a better impact on me as a reader .

June 21, 2017 / / Article
Spare some time and try to understand this bleeding Nation with which humanity is dying a li’l bit, everyday.
October 4, 2016 / / Story

Have you ever felt like you are experiencing the exact same thing for the second time? Will you do things differently the second time if you find out it has already happened once before? Read on to find what actually happened with Aashna.

October 2, 2016 / / Story

In a small town in the middle of nowhere, there was a sweet young girl living with her loving family. She had a dream once, and her parents were determined to fulfill it. Each family has their own battles to fight for their own reasons. Read on and delve into their simple lives, and find with them unexpected riches in rare niches of their lives.

September 17, 2016 / / Blog

Being a Gemini, I can relate to people who say that they feel like they have two completely different people residing within them. There are many ways to refer to those little guys in your mind-angel/devil, wise/crazy, wild/calm, etc.. Almost all the decisions