My mother’s words of warning


March 2001

March: that pleasant month in a year when winter is about to leave and summer is almost ready to enter. Yes, I’m talking about spring. When kids like me prefer playing from dawn to dusk. I was happily playing cricket with a few street boys when I suddenly heard a lady telling me- “If you don’t get the required marks to pass in the school admission test, I will put you in that hindi medium government school in our colony”. Yes, you guessed it right it’s my mother.  It was more like a warning than getting scolded.

I disliked the hindi medium government school in our colony, not because it was a hindi medium government school but because I hated the children with a runny nose studying there.  It was somewhere I wouldn’t go willingly. And mom knew it well.

I appeared for that test and after a week results were declared.  My name was not on the list.  I was too young to figure out my performance in the test that my name was not on the list.

That night, I saw myself in that government school with the other children. I was running away from them, and they were like zombies with running noses chasing me. I woke up from my nightmare and shouted out- “Hum nahi jaaenge sarkaari school” (I won’t be a student at that government school). My mom came running to my bed and managed to calm me down. I spent the rest of the night sleeping in her lap. It really is something supernatural, the way you forget all your troubles when you are in your mother’s lap.

The very next day she went to the english medium school I had given the test for and asked the authorities for the scorecard.

After a couple of hours, she came back with an angry face.

I was standing behind my sister, feeling very scared.

After few minutes of silence..

My mom says- “I always ask you study, don’t I? But you want to play around all day.”

Me- “Sorry mom”, as tears started to roll down my face.

My mom replies- “Don’t cry, get ready soon. We have to buy new books, a lunch box and the school bag that you had asked me for”. Before she could complete her sentence I said- “But mom, I did not pass the test. And as far as I remember, you promised you will only purchase that bag for me if I qualify the test”.

With a big smile on her face, my mom tells me- “Beta, you passed the test. Let me tell you what they told me.”

They said-  “Your son has scored full marks and he is overqualified for UKG (upper kindergarten). If you don’t mind, we can directly enroll your son in the 1st standard “

My excitement reached extreme levels. I had made it!

And this is how I got admission in the school of my choice.

The reason behind my admission was my mother’s words of warning and her trust on me that made her check my results with the authorities. Otherwise, I had already accepted the fact that I had failed and was planning to deal with zombies.

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