Little efforts


All it costs is a little effort
To let her own a little moment
She didn’t decide this for herself
Selling roses on the streets

It merely takes a minute
To guide him cross the streets.
He never chose the dark
Choose to hand him a little moment of light

A mother of two, a sole earner
Little did she decide on not care taking
She had to manage two meals
Show a little moment of gratitude to the lady

Sitting on the streets, an old man
Refused shelter by his own children
Doesn’t he deserve a little care
For all the sweat he drenched

A well to do family
Grand cars, good money
All they lack is a little moment
Of togetherness to heal the hollowness

If little moments can do wonders
Why not pause, breathe and then
Live a little moment for yourself
And fulfill all your little dreams

Trust me, it wont cost much
Of your time, money, effort.
You just have to give a little of yourself
To make that someone a little more happier!

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