It lies


They say it lies. All the places.
The days and nights.Togetherness.
Love is not meant for you they say.
You take me down.
They say it lies.
The romance. The poems.
The words which you play with and hearts you break.
Feeling that touch is not meant for you, they say.

They say it lies.
Then why? Tell me why?
I feel you tonight. I want your touch.
I need the sky to cry.
I want you now. To be in your arms.
You hold me close, I feel your charm.
You tell me now that they lie.
You are true and they, are just signs.
I want to hold on to you. I love this place.
But you say you will leave one day.
And I will feel all this again.
Then you will again say they lie.
Nostalgia. I just got you tonight.

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