If only


If only I could flee
Away from this chaos
To follow that trance
Sweltering in my heart

If only each dawn could be to the
Taste of a brand new place
A day I could live until
The dusk dissolves to pitch-dark night

If only I could casebook every day
To that little diary, I possess
A note from every new person I meet
Would be a keepsake treasured there

If only I could see
A part of all the 7 continents
A blob of all the 5 oceans
Geography would have sounded more real to me

If only I could unravel
How does it feel to be in the open sky
If only I could steal a glance
Of the life beneath those blue waters

If only I could shout once in those caves
Loud enough to make me believe that I’m there
If only I could climb those mountains once
To see the sun a little more closer

If only I could sleep under the shivering stars
Staying awake, forming new constellations
If only I could feel the summer breeze on my face
Rustling & carrying the chill from the mountains

If only, I could have you by my side
Living all these shades with me
Smiling hand in hand
As I complete the pages of my diary

If only!!


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