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Many of my friends have suggested that you should focus on different things in life like career, future etc and stop worrying about the girl that you are going to end up with. They are probably right too but I am really afraid of the idea of having my whole life spent with a wrong person.

There are actually very few people who understand me or want to understand me. Possibly my fault, still I need someone who can understand the things I say… like really understand. If she can also understand the things that I don’t say, well then wouldn’t that be an added bonus.

I desire things, scenarios. Real simple ones. Like, I want to feel what it’s like to love someone and have that person beside you all the time. To watch her laugh at small things. To witness her making silliest of mistakes and remember those moments and smile later. To be there when she needs someone to cling on. To have someone waiting for me. I have been waiting for that someone… indefinitely.

I want to experience everything that I have imagined. And I have imagined a lot of things (no pun intended) because of the large volume of the time she has given me before entering into my life. I have imagined her coming back from office, tired but some how relieved. I have imagined her texting me, “Hey, I reached home wen r u coming?”. I have imagined getting stuck in the office with some extra work and her checking up on me, “Jaana, come home naa. I have been waiting. Missing you”.

I have imagined getting back home late to find her sound asleep on the couch. Watching her sleep will bring a smile on my face. That one sight of her face will take away all the stress and worries off my mind. I will lean towards her and kiss her on her forehead for a moment or two. Silently, thanking her for being a part of my life and making it awesome which is otherwise very dull in her absence. I will find the softest of the blanket and tuck her in carefully.

I will don the sofa beside her with a cup of black tea. Admiring the most beautiful sight that I would have ever imagined. Relaxed by the knowledge of her being by my side, I would fall asleep too in that simple yet magical night of my imagination.

Now tell me, shouldn’t I worry for all of this?


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Keshav Jha Written by:

Lucky enough to have been roving around since childhood,. Visiting new places and meeting new people has been my kind of favorite. Its amazing how words written simply can talk so loud. This thrill of writing got to my nerves and then CWS paved the way further.


  1. Jyoti
    July 21, 2016

    Everything fits perfectly except the black tea…couldn’t that be ‘coffee’ again?

    • Keshav Jha
      August 26, 2016

      Maybe, we ran out of coffee that night 😛

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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