From Bihar to Tihar – Kanhaiya Kumar


In terms of the writing style, I would say the translation of book to English could have been better and more presentable. Its pretty evident from the content that the Hindi version would have had a better impact on me as a reader .

The reason I was so intrigued to pick this book up was to understand and get to know the facts from the other side as well. From day 1 of JNU events, Kanhaiya Kumar and his colleagues were awarded the tag of “anti-national” and “terrorist”. On completing the book, I had a completely different picture of  the whole scenario of what was portrayed. I believe someway or the other there was a political aspect of the situation in which the ruling as well as opposition party had there own gain and hence they were the ones who led it from the front end.

Media played a good role in not providing a full coverage of the situation on equal grounds, rather majority of these reports were biased and had political influence. As media holds the most powerful mode of communication to spread a news be it partially correct, the whole nation stood united against JNU. Kanhaiya Kumar though his book has given some inside stories that could have made a bit difference if they ever came forward in the limelight. Few points that are mentioned in here might affect your vision of the present political condition. Some conversations will help you understand the situation better than it was presented before.

The book was written with a motive to reach out common people and make them familiar with the facts that they weren’t aware of. I believe this book will be an eye opener for those who don’t really understand the gravity of a situation and follow others blindly.

Give it a read, because by the end of this book you will gain more information of the other side that you never knew.

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