The ones who have witnessed you in your weirdest times.

The ones who have given approval for all your wrong decisions.

Because they simply have no idea of what they are doing

If it simply means that you’re gonna be happy with it.


Yes, the ones with whom you’ve plundered many a places.

The ones with whom you have made atleast a hundred plans

Of which ninety-nine are still plans

The best part is that you have lived half the journey in the planning


The ones who’ll stand up fierce if someone else mocks you

Yet they themselves will tease you even when you are at your worst

Because they solely reserve the right to do that

Yes, they are your dumb headed friends


The people with whom you have shared your wildest dreams

The ones with whom you can just babble on and on without a second thought

And they have no option other than listening to all your shit.

They know it well, they can’t escape.


The ones who are a part of your family too.

The ones your parents blame when you do something bad

But praise when they bring better marks than you.

The ones you won’t share your food with until they  snatch it themselves


Yes, they are your friends.

With whom you are real

The ones you love, at times don’t

But after all love again.

Cause you can’t do without them

They complete your life!!


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  1. Gautam
    November 23, 2017

    Excellent thoughts?

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