They can captivate you in a wallop
Yet can deactivate you in the flow
Strong enough to drive you insane
Cutting both ways through your veins.

Brushing your hair in the mornings
They remind you of the long day ahead
But with the dusk setting outside the window
The tired mother waits for her son.

They can see a friend in a stranger
Yet the latter befalls more often
Smokes you up in the fire of revenge
Yet submerges you in the ocean of love.

Keeping you awake all night, they will
Apprehend the worst in the midst of the best
Welcoming mornings with swollen eyes
Remorseful and sulky over the past gloom.

They can make you fall in love selflessly
Disguising the good over the bad
And can still leave you shattered
When you actually try to find yourself.

Contradictory they are, no doubt
The smile on your face
Can hide a broken heart
And the tear on your eye
Can be to a happy word
Calling yourself in question, don’t they?

So, exacting them would be a waste of time
Let them take the lead and mould you with
the separations and attachments you endure
After all, life should be worth a roller coaster ride!

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