Dreams & Demons


Haunted by demons under my bed
And ghosts in my dear dreams
I walked at nights
Finding a sombre sleep
Of half fulfilled wish
And unfinished verses and songs

Wandering between morning and night
Falling on couch to couch or laundries on floor
With shaken and trembling limbs
A heart that I left to bear the pain
within the maze of my nightmares in dull grey
Where to find love, in the mirror that’s rude?

Or the bed I made
Before sleep, but couldn’t put myself to it.
Some days are terrible
For horrors
Are hard to forget
And when I stop to stare at the sun

My eyes burn
Where did I lose my sleep?
Between pages of an old dusty book?
Or when I lost my way amidst the dream
And could never find a way back to it?

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