Do I really know her?


Did this ever cross your mind!
Who is She? Do I really know?
I know she is strong enough
But do I know how weak can she go?

She wears that smirk on her lips
She never has her eyebrows in place
I know she makes every single day count
But do I know how bad can be her day?

Her wardrobe dominated with black
Yes, she loves pink too
I know she is into reading
But do I know if she really enjoys cooking?

She has spoken of her responsibilities
She wants to get her family settled
I know she is taking up risks
But do I know if she just stepped upon her own dreams?

A candle-light dinner or a mashup party
A romantic novel or a suspense prose
Sleeping for long hours or staring at the stars
Travel hunt or movie shows
A forehead kiss or a tight hug

Do I know what she would choose?
Do I really know her?

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