Demons In My Mind – Aashish Gupta


I liked this book. The book gives a comprehensive feel of how our mind plays the trick.

The story starts with an old man who is well known in the village for his good deeds. Unable to restrain from the pain of cancer, he cries for death for the soul to rest in peace but none could help. He ends up meeting the three old monks, famous for their miraculous powers to heal and save a life, although their existence was a mere story that villagers believed in.

The three monks take us on a ride of their past life, each having a treacherous story of survival. At times mind plays a deceptive role, and things get out of hand but we never realize the fact. Author describes the intensity of pain that mind goes through, though we believe that pain is always physical. By the end of the story, the author throws a wonderful question, that makes the reader aware of the purity of his/her soul, the problem we face are they really big or is it the mind that makes it big. The most interesting point is to realize who is controlling the body, mind or soul.

The thing that I liked most of the book was the realistic way that the whole story was portrayed as with the depth of each and every detail. Honestly, it touched my nerves, for how torturous Roy could be and the way Alia dealt with pain. I really had goosebumps.

I would suggest, this book is for readers who can actually handle a kind mental pain because somehow it’s gonna touch your nerve.

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