Soon as the sun sets you come. People say they’re scared of you. They think you’ll trap them. They fear you and your intensity. Night is blamed for not being safe nowadays. After all, the monsters with a mask of human face go out to quench their thirst of lust. People say they’re to be hanged I don’t know what they want, why they say it when one among them is responsible for the whole and later on someone else would come and will repeat the same. I think one day will come when there will be extinction of humans and monsters will fill up the whole earth. Sometimes I feel like animals far better than these so called humans. Anyway, these things are common now they say. I usually go with the flow when the topic of these monsters comes.

Getting back to you. You know the pain you know the pain of rejection when people fear you and choose brightness over you. There’s a tendency of humans they crave for things they don’t have and just when they’ve got it they don’t value it. But you, to me is just so constant that no brightness can beat you. 

You to me is what peace is to a wandering nomadic fool. You’re the first thing I’ve craved for and would never let the economic concept which says, “human wants and needs are never ending and can never be satisfied” work on it.
Believe me you’re the one I’ve got and will never leave you alone even if the sun rises again tomorrow.

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