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January 8, 2019 / / Story
January 31, 2018 / / Yaadon ka Basta

With a backpack clutched in my hands, and a stole covering my face against the heat and dust, I sat on the backseat of an old or I daresay, classic Bajaj Priya scooter. Blame my short legs or the scooter’s design, I sat a little uncomfortably. A scene from 90’s flashed in front of my eyes. A lady clad in a sari, with vermillion on her forehead, sitting modestly with both legs on the same side of the scooter, hands placed on her husband’s shoulder, riding with a sheepish smile, cherishing these newly found moments of freedom. It seemed these scooters were custom-made for them.

January 24, 2018 / / Yaadon ka Basta

Ye un dino ki baat hai jab
School jana kisi jail jaane see kam na tha
Dudh ka glass khatam karna ek chunauti thi
Aur sahi pair me juta pehenna to jaise namumkin tha

January 11, 2018 / / Yaadon ka Basta

Curiosity kills the cat!  Well, even though this is not something I would want to admit, curiosity did hit me hard quite a few number of times.

It happened like this..

January 4, 2018 / / Yaadon ka Basta

March 2001

March: that pleasant month in a year when winter is about to leave and summer is almost ready to enter. Yes, I’m talking about spring. When kids like me prefer playing from dawn to dusk. I was happily playing cricket with a few street boys when I suddenly heard a lady telling me- “If you don’t get the required marks to pass in the school admission test, I will put you in that hindi medium government school in our colony”. Yes, you guessed it right it’s my mother.  It was more like a warning than getting scolded.

December 28, 2017 / / Yaadon ka Basta

Summer vacation was about to start and my pocket-sized brain was managing a massive brainstorming session for the holidays. Hitting the ground for an early morning cricket game was a good option while sleeping till 9, was not a bad thought either. My thoughts were in oscillation until a tap on the head broke the momentum; it was my elder brother.  Meanwhile, Dad enters and announces that we will be visiting our native place this holiday. Well, to make it more generic and let you feel the moment, his exact words were “Dadi ke ghar jana hai iss chutti”. Hearing that I was so delighted, my heart floated away in the river of ecstasy.

December 21, 2017 / / Yaadon ka Basta

In this world filled with false pride, we often see people going for the price instead of the value of things. People like expensive things without even thinking about it logically. For example, everyone likes gold and diamonds because it is not available in abundance, hence expensive and not because of its absolute desire. Leave the rocks and metals aside, people have even started developing a taste for fancy delicacies. Among friends, some have started to restrain themselves from ordering Bhajiya or Samosa whereas they are certain to order a Pizza or Burger.

December 14, 2017 / / Yaadon ka Basta

At the mere age of 4, a kid barely has knowledge of anything. Rather, has his own interpretation of the world, pushing against imaginative and physical limitations and constantly re-creating the world as they see it. Well, I was also one among those who had his own stories to recite.

December 4, 2017 / / Yaadon ka Basta

My childhood was like a mini-tour even though my father never served in the army. He was a teacher in a private school of Dimapur, a place in Nagaland. I’m sure many of you must be having some strange perception about this place. At least, my friends from the later part of my life had. One question which was most commonly asked (among various others) with an at most stupid curiosity, “Do they eat dogs?” Like the all the previous instances, I’m not going to answer it here either.

November 30, 2017 / / Yaadon ka Basta

And the day came to an end. The special day every child use to wait for eagerly. The day dedicated to every child of this universe, “Children’s day”. But then this little girl did not look happy. She was disturbed. It reflected in every single texture of her face.