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I am sorry for the mess I’ve created.  I am sorry for the mess I’ve become.…

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Soon as the sun sets you come. People say they’re scared of you. They think you’ll trap them. They fear you and your intensity. Night is blamed for not being safe nowadays. After all, the monsters with a mask of human face go out to quench their thirst of lust.

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Dear Best friend’s Boyfriend,

Before I start with this letter I just want you to know that I am a really nice person 90% of the times and the rest 10% of the times, a savage bitch that can absolutely destroy your entire existence. So let us get to the letter without further delay.
Like all other best friends I love my best friend too. She means the world to me and no matter how much you claim that you love her with all your heart and soul and that your love is selfless, I will always be 4 steps right ahead of you.

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I turned left then right then again left. I covered myself with a blanket. I turned on the lights and then switched them off. How could someone be like that? I read maybe fifty of his short stories and other posts in an hour or so.