Best-Friend Love


Dear Best friend’s Boyfriend,

Before I start with this letter I just want you to know that I am a really nice person 90% of the times and the rest 10% of the times, a savage bitch that can absolutely destroy your entire existence. So let us get to the letter without further delay.
Like all other best friends I love my best friend too. She means the world to me and no matter how much you claim that you love her with all your heart and soul and that your love is selfless, I will always be 4 steps right ahead of you.

She is more than a friend to me, more like a sister, a sister that I never had. Once a guy tried, merely tried, to hurt her and he had to face the consequences which I better not tell you in this open letter. So just use your imagination to think what I can do to you.
Now enough of this threatening crap. I know you are a really nice person and I adore you for that. She loves you from the core of her heart and that is just amazing to see. I have never felt so amazing and relieved, sharing her with someone. I am well aware of the fact that you will take really good care of her. I just wanted to let you know a few things I expect from you.
Firstly, she is the most innocent and cherry person you will come across in your entire life. I want you to treasure her innocence. She has had her share of sorrows already. I couldn’t fill up the void she has and I know no one can. All I am saying is, just be there for her. She rarely cries so when she does, don’t stop her. Just hold her and assure her that you are by her side and it will all be okay. Be her strength and not her weakness. She acts all matured and confident but is equally childlike and unsure from the inside. Cherish the child in her and caress that unsure side of hers. You can’t take away her sorrows and the nightmares but what you can do is not to let her face them alone. Hold her hand and face those with her.
She is my baby girl and I have always tried to be her shield but somewhere I know I cannot be everything she would need. It’s you whom she will look up to when she needs strength and I want you to be strong enough to see her break. Be there to collect her broken parts and put them back together. It will be tough I know but that’s the deal you signed when you proposed her.
Let her crawl, let her walk, let her run and let her fall. Just be there to pick her up when she falls and motivate her to run again, only then, she will be able to fly.
Now, my dear friend (I guess we are pretty good friends now), I am handing you my most precious gem. Handle with care or it’s my anger you will have to bare.
Yours loving,
Girlfriend’s best friend.

P.S.- No matter how good and sweet you are, there will always be this tiny part of me that won’t like you! All the best.

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