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At the mere age of 4, a kid barely has knowledge of anything. Rather, has his own interpretation of the world, pushing against imaginative and physical limitations and constantly re-creating the world as they see it. Well, I was also one among those who had his own stories to recite.

So the story goes something like this.

On one fine rainy morning, I was standing by the window, watching the clouds and just wondering how do birds fly and why can’t I fly with them. A casual conversation that a 4-year kid could possibly have with himself on taking a sick leave. Oh, I didn’t tell you about sick leave. Actually, I had a bit of fever previous night (as per my mother and her thermometer it was 102) because of which I was not allowed to go to school.

With the fleeting clouds in the sky, my interest in the birds was also fading away. I was about to move and fetch some food but then something happened, I heard a loud noise. It felt like a huge asteroid crashing on the earth. I looked here and there but didn’t see anything. Then the noise hits again but this time a bit softer than the first. I looked up at the sky and could feel that something was wrong up there. I didn’t have the slightest idea of what exactly thundering was and hence was just gazing at the clouds. I had a thought “maybe god is having bad stomach today”.

I was trying to process my thoughts for a conclusion but then I noticed that the clouds were breaking apart too. They were getting scattered and moving in a direction of the breeze. This was unusual for me and in a matter of seconds, I screamed. My mother came running to check on me. She wondered if I had fallen again from the bed (just to let you know, I used to frequently fall from the bed while sleeping). Since she could see me perfectly sitting, my mother enquired why in the world I screamed so loudly. I pointed my finger towards the sky and in a broken voice I said, “Somebody is breaking the clouds, they are being beaten by a hammer and are torn apart”. The expression on her face was petrifying. She was taken aback for few seconds on hearing those words. There is this thing about mothers that I learned from that incident, no matter how insane, half-witted you talk she will always entertain you. My mother being equally polite on my innocence asked me not to worry and that she will talk to god about it. The only condition on top was to finish breakfast and get some rest (I was having the fever last night, remember!!).

Post breakfast and pre-lunch at around 12 o’clock in the noon, I peeped from my window at the clouds again to confirm that everything is fine and yet again to my astonishment there were no clouds in the clear blue sky. I ran to my mother with all energy to enquire about the whole new picture up there to which she smartly replied, “clouds get tired too, they went home for a nap”.

Well, it’s been 20 years since and I am still looking for the place where the clouds and their family resides (just kidding).

It’s been long past since anything like that has happened and today, whenever I am reminded of that day, I realize that our childhood sensibility is lost to reason as we grow up and perception often cluttered by social and cultural conventions, leaving the memory to cherish on.

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