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I was fortunate to meet Jerry Pinto in person at a book event in Mumbai. He is one of the most humble and polite person I have ever met and also he has a very good sense of humor. In the Q&A session, someone from the audience asked him about how true is the story of Em and the big Hoom to which he replied that the story is based on true events with a bit of fiction added to only make it better.

Well, if you have read the book already then you know how does it feel for such a story to be true. If you are about to read the book or planning to read it in future then fasten seat belts as you are going to have a great ride of through all emotions. 

Em and the big Hoom is about the life of a family of four living in Bombay. It takes you back in the 1980s where things were much different compared to now and how a lower middle-class family had their life back then. The family has a mentally ill mother, breadwinner father, a teenage daughter and a young son who narrates the story.

Depression !! The first word that came up in my mind when I started writing this review. The person who suffers knows the pain while others can only show sympathy. The ill mother’s character brings the reality of how we people deal with victims of mental illness. The big Hoom has a strong character and is a pillar of the nuclear family. The story also has love story too and it shows the strength of love that holds a relationship in its worst times. By the time you reach the end, sadness and sorrow will take all over your emotions and you feel the pain of a son who has just lost his mother.

I rate this book 4.5 out of 5

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